Dog FAQs

What are the more common dog licensing requirements?

Florence City Code 6-6-1-1: Dog Licenses:

A. All dogs within the City limits shall be required to wear a current dog license tag issued by the City Manager or his designee. Failure on the part of the owner or custodian to properly license any said dog within the City shall be a violation of this Chapter by the owner. If the dog owner moves into the City and his/her dog does not have a current dog license from another city or county, the owner must obtain a license within five days of moving into the City. (Ord. 696, 8-2-83)(Ord 13, Series 1993, 5-17-93).

B. Licenses shall be valid for one year from the date of issuance or until the sale or gift of the dog, whichever first occurs.

C. No license shall be issued until a certificate of vaccination for rabies, valid for the term of the license is presented to the dog control authority or duly authorized issuer.

D. Dog owners shall renew the dog license before it becomes delinquent for as long as they own the dog.

E. A license tag issued to a dog owner shall be attached securely to a collar or harness on the dog for which it is issued. If a license tag is lost, the owner may obtain a duplicate license tag upon satisfactory proof of loss and payment of the required fee.

Is there a leash law in the City of Florence?

Florence City Code 6-6-4-3: Dogs:

A. No dog may run at large in the City. No owner or custodian of a dog may allow the dog so to run. (Ord. 683, 2-8-83)

B. It shall be unlawful for any person:

  1. To be the owner of a dog which he fails to prevent from running at large.
  2. To be the owner of a dangerous or vicious dog.
  3. To be the owner of a dog which he fails to prevent from running through or across cultivated yards, gardens or fields, whether or not under the control of the owner.
  4. To be the owner of a dog which he fails to prevent from disturbing the public peace by:
    1. Molesting passers-by;
    2. Chasing vehicles;
    3. Habitually attacking other animals;
    4. Traveling upon school grounds, public parks, public game refuges, public watershed areas; or
    5. Tresspassing upon private property in such a manner to damage that property.
  5. To be the owner of a dog affected with a contagious disease which runs at large or is exposed in any public place whereby the health of man or beast may be affected. (Ord. 591, 9-26-77)
  6. To be the owner of an unlicensed dog. (Ord 13 Series 1993, 5-17-93)

What kind of behavior must I prevent in my pet dog?

Florence City Code 6-6-5-1: Nuisance Behavior:

A dog is a nuisance and may be impounded and its owner or custodian punished as herein provided if it:

A. Howls or barks repeatedly in such a manner as to deprive any person of peace and quiet.

B. Runs about the City.

C. Injures, damages, destroys or trespasses on any property whether real, personal or mixed, not owned by or under the control or custody of the owner or custodian of the dog.

D. Bites a person, except when such dog is contained within an enclosure and has been provoked to bite.

E. Shows a propensity to bite persons.

F. Habitually chases persons.

G. Habitually chases vehicles.

H. Injures or kills an animal or fowl belonging to a person other than the owner or custodian of the dog, while on property belonging to a person not the owner or custodian of said dog. (Ord. 403, 4-6-64)