Siren Protocols

City of Florence Tsunami Siren

Siren Locations
There are currently four sirens located in the Florence area.

  • One is at the Florence Justice Center (9th and Greenwood Streets)
  • One is on 35th Street near the tennis courts.
  • One is located at 3rd and Joshua Streets (Heceta Beach Rd. area).
  • One is located at Harbor Vista Park, which is in between the second and third sirens.

The Siren Tones

The sirens are at high-power capacity and have 2400 watts of power that cover up to a 4,000 ft radius. Optimum sound propagation conditions exist when there are no obstructions in the sound path, which means that wind speed and direction will be a prevailing factor in sound projection.

  • The first tone is the TEST TONE, which is a long steady sound. The test tone will be activated on the last Friday of each month. It will last for a few minutes, beginning at 11 am. The test tone will be followed by the 'all clear' tone (see below)
  • The second tone is the REAL TIME evacuation blast, known as a wail tone. Evacuation for a distant tsunami will generally be indicated by a siren blast and an announcement over NOAA weather radio that the local area has been put into an official TSUNAMI WARNING. The wail tone varies from a low to high warble sound. In isolated areas along the beaches and bays you may not hear a warning siren. A sudden change of sea level should prompt you to move immediately to higher ground. Should the evacuation blast be activated, first evacuate away from the shoreline areas, then turn your radio to KCST 106.9 FM for more information.
  • The third tone is the ALL CLEAR sound, which resembles the Westminster Chimes. You will hear this tone if the tsunami warning has been cancelled. The protocols state that the 'all clear' will run for one minute followed by a two minute rest period. This process will be repeated five times. At that time it is ok for people to return to their homes.

What to do

  • The tsunami sirens are intended to be used as a warning when a distant tsunami approaches the shoreline. The primary focus of the sirens is to warn those who are outside in the inundation zone or those who are on the beach.
  • If you hear the REAL TIME evacuation tone, it is your signal to get to higher ground. There may be a window span of one to two hours for you to grab your emergency supplies and leave the inundation zone, but you must make the conscious decision ahead of time to leave the area when you hear this tone.
  • If you feel the earth shaking, get to higher ground immediately and do NOT wait for the sirens. An earthquake in the Florence area is an indicator that a tsunami will reach us in 10-15 minutes.
  • KCST Coast Radio 106.9 FM is the emergency broadcast station for Florence and its surrounding areas. They will provide further information on evacuations.