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Municipal Jail

City of Florence Municipal Jail:

On March 1, 2008, with City Council approval, the Florence Police Department converted its jail from a “Lockup Facility” (a facility for the temporary detention of arrested persons held up to 36 hours, excluding holidays and weekends, and not to exceed 96 hours after booking) to a “Local Correctional Facility” (a jail or prison for the reception and confinement of prisoners that is provided, maintained and operated by a County or City and holds persons for more than 36 hours). The purpose was to give the Municipal Court Judge a tool to hold those we arrest accountable for the crime(s) they commit in Florence.

The Florence Municipal Jail is an 18 bed facility consisting of 1 safety cell, 1 detoxification cell for males, 1 detoxification cell for females, 4 cells for females, and 11 cells for males. These are all single bed cells approximately 8’ X 12’ in size. Inmates are provided with three dietician approved meals served daily by staff. This jail is a local correctional facility as defined in ORS 169.005(5) and ORS 169.077.

The jail is staffed by a full time Corrections Officer. In addition to the duties of running the jail, the Corrections Officer serves as Court Bailiff for the Florence Municipal Court.