More about your City of Florence Utility Bill

City of Florence - Utility Bill

Understanding Your Utility Bill: City of Florence residents receive a utility bill once a month for services provided for the previous month. It is a common misconception that this is a “water bill”, but it is much more than just a bill for water. The City of Florence is committed to providing residents and businesses with not only top quality water service, but also sewer, stormwater, well-rehab and street services. Like anything else there are costs related to providing these services. Each year as part of the budget process, City Management along with the Budget Committee discuss and deliberate fee increases that are warranted due to the increase in the cost of supplies, personnel and planned capital projects to maintain and improve our systems and infrastructure. In order to cover costs of operations and utility enterprise debt service, the City collects these fees by way of a monthly utility bill.

The City of Florence 2014-15 Budget as approved by the Budget Committee and adopted by City Council includes a 1% water rate increase and a 2 % wastewater increase.  The proposed rate amount will increase the water and sewer bill approximately $1.30 per month for a typical* Florence Resident.

New Rates and Fees are illustrated in the document provided below in supporting documents, it is in the form of a residential customer's utility bill for the month ending July 31, 2014: